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About us

The Robosander company was created in 2009 in New York to address a need for improved hardwood floor processing equipment. At the time, belt sanders used for preparing hardwood floors were not capable of ensuring high quality work, while also requiring a high level of skill and a lot of work from the user.

For example, professional-quality belt sanders such as the Hummel or Galaxy brand have the following deficiencies. First of all, they are not capable of determining their location, meaning that one site can remain unsanded while another one is sanded twice. Secondly, neither of these belt sanders can sand an entire strip of floor from one wall to the other, since the operator and the control lever would be in the way on one end of the trip. Thirdly, since the drum has a barrel-shaped surface, the sanding belt wears away at the middle while the edges remain intact. Fourthly, the sanding belt cannot be effectively cleaned, since upon each rotation it is only exposed to one abrupt bend on one belt-tightening pulley. Finally, such sanders allow significant amounts of dust to be released. Professional-quality edgers have problems as well. It is impossible to sand a surface to be really smooth using an edger, since the area of sandpaper contacting the floor is relatively small. Also, edgers also emit a significant amount of dust. Varnishing, too, cannot be done in an even layer or without bubbles. Finally, all of this equipment is extremely uncomfortable to use – it involves monotonous, arduous, and tiresome work, and using an edger requires long periods of standing and crawling on one’s knees.

After 5 years of hard work, our company managed to develop a radically new machine that is based on 28 new inventions. Our new processing methods give us the chance to provide the highest quality of sanding work and to transfer the difficult and tiresome work from a human operator to a robot. We could reach this goal thanks to our team of highly professional and talented workers and to their hard work.

Our company was the first in the world to accomplish a breakthrough in the hardwood floor processing industry, which has not seen any significant change for more than 50 years. It emphasizes the significance of our equipment to note that there are more than 18,000 businesses in this field just in the USA, and many more in other countries around the world.